'The benefits of ongoing vocal training' - Article by John Byrne in

'You are the only person whom I trust to provide for the welfare of my voice...who will put it back on track for me amazingly quickly...' (Hannah Peverley - mezzo soprano)

'Your patience, understanding, knowledge about the human voice have been an eye-opener for me... Thank you ...I hope that I can still continue working with you for the future.' (Siphiwo Ntshebe - tenor)

'First Night big success - all the C's were there and I was bouncing around afterwards!! Thank you so much!!!
Anyway, thanks again for coming all this way and an even bigger thanks for helping me achieve what I see as a great personal success and exorcism of past ghosts! I owe you a lot.' (Mark Milhofer - tenor)

'I have no words to thank you for everything you have done for me.' (Pumeza Matshikiza - soprano)

'One of the main reasons I come to Hamish is to learn to sing healthily. I have experience in a number of different styles, but whatever style I'm performing in, it is only possible when my voice is in top condition.' (Alexandria Beck - soprano)

'Hamish - thank you so much for all you did to get me ready to sing with Luciano... you have created a monster!!!' (Michael Bolton - on realising his dream of performing 'Vesti la Giubba' and 'Nessun Dorma' for and with Pavarotti in Modena in 1996)

'I often think of you and the wonderful inspirational lessons you gave me...' (A pupil from the '70's and '80's writing at Christmas 2007)

Compliments are always pleasant to receive - an acknowledgement of the success of applying common sense and learning to appreciate the essential simplicity of the mechanism of the human voice. But simplicity should never be confused with any mono-causal reductio ad absurdam such as the directions which I have collected from my pupils and show on the . (Caesari made his own far more extensive collection and published it at the end of his little book 'Tradition and Gigli', and anyone who would like an amusing and shocked read should consult it.)